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Bountiful Double Chocolate Slab

Serves makes 8 large slices


These yummy delights are very high in fat calories but that means that you’ll only need a few bites before you feel satisfied (unlike some high sugar, low fat treats that keeps you wanting more).  I like to cut these into bite-sized pieces and just have one or two little mouthfuls at a time. And don’t worry if some pieces crumble; it’s part of the attraction of homemade goodies!

Coconut is so good for the gut, plus it’s high in lauric acid which is great for the immune system and helps to treat viral infections.

You can play about with this recipe and add raspberries or nut butters if you can tolerate them.










What you need

Grease two small oblong sized tins 13.5cm x 6.5cm greased with a little coconut oil, or you could use one large tin but the slab wont be so deep

270ml coconut butter

180ml coconut oil

125g desiccated coconut (a little more if you are coconut mad)

2 tsp vanilla extract

Approximately 6-8 drops stevia (depending on taste)

25g raw cacao powder

What you do

Place the coconut butter packaging and jar of coconut oil in a bowl of boiling water and allow the solids to melt to a liquid. (Coconut butter takes longer to melt then coconut oil.)

Pour the melted butter and oil into a food processor and add the desiccated coconut, vanilla extract and five drops of the stevia.

Pour half the mixture into your prepared tin.

Place the tin in the freezer and leave it to harden for approximately 15 minutes.  Try not to let it freeze completely. (If it freezes, the chocolate layer won’t stick to the coconut layer and may break up when it’s cut).

Add the cacao powder to the remaining coconut mixture with a few extra drops of the stevia and blend again until smooth.

Remove the tin from the freezer and pour the chocolate mixture over the coconut layer before placing back in the freezer or fridge to firm up.

When you are ready to serve, remove the tin from the fridge or freezer, loosen the ‘slab’ and turn out onto a board.

Chop into pieces and decorate or serve as it is.