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Why are mineral supplements so important?

30th September 2018


Did you know it’s estimated that nearly 90% of people today are deficient in minerals, the main reason being that nutrient-rich soil is becoming increasingly rare? (This is still the case even if you buy organic produce in the main).

Every chemical and enzyme reaction in the human body requires a proper balance of minerals to function properly.  For example, calcium is important for our bones, iron for blood and sulphur for muscles. If you are lacking in certain minerals, your body will do its best to pull together alternative minerals to replace the function of the mineral it’s lacking. Before you know it, your body is depleted AND being overworked while it tries to maintain its systems.



Why do we need minerals?

For the digestion and absorption of food.

Synthesis of hormones.

The regulation and interrelated functioning of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and metabolic processes.

Formation and control of the body’s enzyme system.

Movement of vitamins, hormones and nutrients into tissues and organs.

To aid the body in the detoxification process.


If we are low in minerals, we accumulate heavy metals in order to fulfil the role of the missing minerals. It’s important to replenish the body with minerals daily so that we aren’t left so vulnerable to our toxic world.

Stress, over-exercising or a nutrient-poor diet all have numerous effects on the body. This can result in fatigue, thyroid or adrenal issues, muscle cramps and trouble sleeping to name but a few.


What causes mineral depletion?



Stress reduces digestive ability in most people as the nervous system is in a sympathetic state. (Not good for when you are meant to be breaking down food).



Heavy metals

A build up of heavy metals in your system can replace minerals in enzyme building sites. This then in turn interferes with efficient mineral absorption.


Unfiltered tap water

Unfortunately, nasties such as chlorine, aluminium, fluoride and copper are found in tap water these days (not forgetting huge amounts of hormones where so many women are peeing out the bi products of their contraceptive pill).


To overcome this problem, I recommend a RO-man water filter to be installed in your home.

Avoid reverse osmosis filters. They remove absolutely everything in the water as well as being very energy inefficient.


Medication and birth control

Medication undoubtedly has its place but many prescription drugs will rob your system of certain minerals. Medication often irritates the gut lining which can then promote poor digestion, in turn resulting in further mineral absorption issues. Therefore it’s important to speak to someone about what possible minerals they will need to supplement with.


Taking incorrect supplements

Many people take supplements but I suspect there are lots of people who don’t actually understand what they are taking them for figuring that ‘it’s just a supplement, it can’t do any harm’. When some minerals (for example, iodine) are taken incorrectly in vast quantities, it can cause a lot of problems and encourage further mineral deficiencies.


Excess exercise

If you are doing a lot of cardio and sweating profusely, you will sweat out a huge quantity of minerals. It’s important to not only hydrate but also to make sure that your sodium levels are where they should be.


It is always best to get your vitamins and minerals from a varied source of healthy, unprocessed foods and it goes without saying that if your diet is poor to start with, supplementation will not have the desired effect and can even have detrimental consequences. Yes, taking a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement doesn’t pose a significant health risk and may benefit someone with a poor diet to a degree, but taking a vast quantity of vitamins and minerals instead of eating a nutritious diet is not recommended.


 Where can I go to have my minerals analysed?

I am currently studying for a functional medicine qualification and therefore will be able to offer functional medicine testing in due course.

I hope this article has shed some light on the subject of minerals for you.


Love Kate x