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Why do resolutions fail?

2nd January 2019

As we move into the New Year there is a lot to reflect on and there is a few things I’m sure you would like to see change for the better in 2019.

What happens when we set resolutions?
Sucessfully achieving a New Years Resolution means forming new habits and to do that we need to re-wire our brain. Check out a previous blog post I wrote on that –

Habit Forming

Habits are so common in our every day life that we don’t even spare a thought when we are doing them. For example showering followed by brushing your teeth is a habit that you don’t think twice about when performing the task. They are deeply wired into our unconscious mind.

Why do resolutions fail?

Have you had resolutions which you thought were quite realistic fail in the past and felt like a failure? Here’ a few questions to ask yourself as to why they may have failed-

Was it because you weren’t disciplined or determined enough?

Or was it that the focus was more on not doing something to the point that you tried to control every aspect of it? We can easily become impatient and want our goal to be achieved instantly and then feel in ‘lack’ until we have met the specific goal we wanted to achieve.

Was the goal unrealistic?

Was it not very well defined?

Was the goal set by someone else suggesting you should do it rather than by you?

Was your mindset not in the right place and you struggled to focus?

Did you put everything else in your life on hold until you achieved this goal which in fact left you feeling exhausted and resulting in day to day life becoming complicated?

So what can I do to help me achieve my goals?

I strongly suggest you set intentions/goals rather than ‘resolutions’ which can set you up to either achieve or fail. If we fail in our resolutions the result can be left feeling hard done by and worthless and we forget that they are often based on an idea that we are somehow broken or not good enough. By using intention we are able to tap into our own true power to create something greater. True intention is being in the present moment and allows you to open up to endless possibilities.

Therefore I suggest you ask yourself these three questions to really distinguish what your intention or goal is-

What do I want to ATTRACT into my life in 2018?

What do I want to CHANGE in the New Year?

How do I want to FEEL in the New Year? 

If you want to take this one step further I suggest you use the following SMART goals-

SPECIFIC- be very specific about what you want.

MEASURABLE- How can I measure I am getting closer to my goal

ACHIEVEABLE – What obstacles may be in my way to prevent me achieving my goal and do I need to change habits to do this?

REALISTIC- Work backwards from end to start mapping where you want to be within in a certain time frame.

Timely- You need to consider time and how much time you need to invest in making yhis goal or intention achievable.

The last point I have to make is that you are have the power to do this. You just need to take responsibility for it.

I’d love to hear from you if you use these specific exercises.

Have a great 2019!

Love Kate x