Cook and Clean with Kate

Leaky Gut and Fermented Foods

28th November 2017

  Hippocrates, often regarded as the father of modern medicine, was a firm believer that ‘all disease begins in the gut’ and modern schools of thought would suggest he was absolutely spot on. The stomach acts as a ‘gatekeeper’ to the body. 80% of the body’s immune system is located in and around the gut. […]

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Why is sleep important?

29th August 2017

  Please do not underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. We all need sleep but it’s one of the things many of us think we can drop to enable us to fit more important things into our day. Perhaps the following information will make you change your mind … How much is enough […]

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The Scary World of Protein Powders

14th August 2017

  Protein powder can be a great way to help you reach your daily target for protein intake but when it comes to the choosing the perfect protein powder, the choice can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing what to buy, when to consume it and getting to grips with the hype can be confusing to […]

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Do you know what palm oil is?

26th June 2017

  Hi guys, This is a super short blog post but it’s on a subject I feel really strongly about and want to make you aware of too. What is Palm oil and where does it come from? Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the fruit of the palm tree and originates […]

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