Cook and Clean with Kate

The great British cake off – the ‘your fat’ or ‘you’re fat’ debate!

27th May 2016

So, there’s been a storm cooking up in the British press about the recent advice given out by the National Obesity Forum and Public Health England’s reaction. It seems to have really confused a lot of people and I think a lot of the original information is being misunderstood and mis-quoted. As a result, my […]

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Mixed Emotions

18th May 2016

Hi guys, I thought it was time to give you a little update on how we are settling into our new lives in Ibiza. Where to start!? The realisation that this is actually a permanent thing is finally starting to sink in and the feeling of being on holiday has completely disappeared as we settle […]

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Serious Dramas in Ibiza

28th April 2016

Hi guys! I’ve been in Ibiza for just under three weeks and am absolutely loving it so far.  How I am loving it I don’t know, which sounds a weird thing to say, but when you hear the dramas I have been through you will know what I mean! Margo arrived safely after her three-day […]

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Are You Confused about Cholesterol?

8th April 2016

  I’ve written this blog because I often here clients and family panic when they hear that someone has high cholesterol. I just wanted to fill you in with some of the finer details:- What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is often referred to as fat, but it’s actually a heavyweight alcohol with a hormone like structure […]

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