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My Top 10 Detox Fails- And How To Dodge Them.

3rd February 2016


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My view of any detox plan is that it should only be a short term kick-start to a healthier lifestyle, and you gain the knowledge to improve your diet in general whereby it will be easily maintained. It can be difficult at times, but rewarding if you follow these rules!

However, there are some classic fails that can be avoided and in order to keep you on the straight and narrow I’ve listed my top 10 potential fails and how to dodge them:

1. Not Eating Breakfast.
It’s easy to think that the less you eat, the more weight loss, because you are saving on calories. Long term, yes, because if you starve yourself for weeks then you will obviously lose weight. However you are missing out on a chance to fuel your systems with vital nutrients and vitamins. EAT BREAKFAST! I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but after a night’s sleep your metabolism has slowed down and needs to be fired up again. Also, studies have shown that those who eat breakfast tend to eat less throughout the day- So if you are in a hurry in the morning, at the very least make a smoothie, to prevent the sugar cravings kick in around 4pm!


2. Not Preparing.
By not preparing in advance you will inevitably fail! Make life easier for yourself and cook larger batches of food when you eat dinner so you have some left for lunch the next day, or when you need to eat a quick dinner later on in the week.

3. Thinking Fat
Eaten in the right way and the right time, fat is one of your best mates when it comes to detoxing and eating clean. Healthy fats in your diet are vital to absorb certain nutrients and vitamins. They promote healthy hormonal health, and help to slow down the absorption of nutrients into your system keeping you fuller for longer.
Note: Make sure you avoid eating fats up to 2 hours after exercise, and instead opt for a higher carb/ protein meal as you want your muscles to be fueled to help them repair!

4. Carbs are NOT the enemy

Eaten in excess, carbs can cause weight gain and bloating, but if you eat them at breakfast and post exercise when your body is more sensitive to insulin distribution, they are a vital fuel that the body will use and burn super efficiently. Don’t avoid, but consume with care!

5. Not varying your diet.
If you don’t ensure that there is variety in your diet, you will inevitably become bored. I’ve heard there’s a great clean eating book doing it’s rounds called ‘Cook Clean With Kate’, which contains 100 healthy recipes! Experiment, try different recipes that you wouldn’t normally eat and investigate the huge variety of fruit and vegetables… Taste the rainbow! Healthy and fulfilling meals are at your fingertips!

6. Never Shop when you are HUNGRY
We’ve all been there. You have no idea what to cook for dinner, running late for school runs and after school activities…Big Mistake to shop at this time! Be prepared always so you have something available to cook at short notice.

7. Unrealistic Expectations.
If you’ve embarked on a detox, with previous history of 5+ cups of coffee a day, then cutting it out completely is going to be really tough! I suggest that you slowly reduce the intake and eventually eliminate caffeine over a period of time. This will make it easier to reduce your consumption to one coffee per day which isn’t going to hurt anyone, once you are maintaining your diet plan. Bear in mind caffeine affects cortisol levels which affect stress hormones, so cutting it out is beneficial for your adrenal glands

8. Binging at the weekend.

No one enjoys restaurant experience and a cocktail or two more than me, but for the sake of a few weeks, and to enable you to see the full results, arrange to be doing different things from usual at the weekend! Between the ages of 20 – 30 you can get away with a bit of leeway but after that, to detox successfully, you need to give it 100% which means, NO cheating. If you have friends who you know will try and sabotage you, swerve them or suggest a power walk instead.

9. Obsessing Over Weight.


Don’t be disheartened if results don’t show straight away. Often, a detox can initially shock our bodies into stand-still. Also, if you’ve upped your exercise and are lifting heavier weights at the gym you may find that your weight doesn’t change. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat and the change will be seen in how your shape changes and your clothes start to feel looser. Oh and another thing, remember we all have different genes and different body shapes. We are never going to be the same as our friends or the girl who has been air brushed on the front of a magazine cover!

10. Giving Up When You Fall Off.
Thinking ‘Well I may as well just give up’ if you fall off the detox wagon, or you experience any of the above, is a fail in itself. Don’t beat yourself up or give up entirely. Just pick up where you left off and forgot about it. Detoxing is a kick start to a healthier way of living and can be testing at times. That is the reason any detox should only be carried out for a short period of time. As most of you know, my philosophy is that life is all about balance and you shout enjoy it- Deprivation not included! #80:20.

Now, go and grab a green smoothie and get back on it as you mean to go on!