Cook and Clean with Kate

Toasted, Roasted Brussels

Serves 4-6

A Christmas wonder dish, but equally good whenever Brussels are in season, this crunchy, punchy salad dish revolutionises the quintessential Christmas dinner veggie. This can be all made in advance and then spoon them into an oven proof dish which can be popped in the oven for five minutes to warm them through before serving.









What you need

300g Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved (500g bag of sprouts approximately)

2 tbsp organic butter

4 rashes organic streaky bacon

2 tbsp pine nuts (optional)

Salt and pepper

1tbsp extra virgin olive oil

What you do


Steam the sprouts for approximately six to ten minutes. They should still have a bit of a bite as nobody likes a soggy sprout!

Drain the steamed sprouts and rinse them under cold water to prevent them from cooking further and to help them keep their vibrant colour. Dry them on kitchen roll to absorb any excess water.

Heat the grill and once it’s hot grill the bacon until crispy. Remove the crispy bacon from the grill and chop into slices.

Meanwhile heat a large frying pan, add the butter and once it’s melted add the sprouts and stir. Continue to fry over a medium heat for approximately five minutes until golden.

Transfer the Brussels to a large oven-proof dish, add the bacon and season well.

If you are using the pine nuts, heat a small frying pan and dry fry the pine nuts for a minute or so until golden.

Sprinkle the pine nuts over the sprouts and leave the finished dish to one side.

When you are ready to serve dinner pop the sprouts back into the oven and warm through for five minutes.