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Moving to Ibiza!

23rd January 2016

Hi guys,

I’m sorry I have been a bit slow on the blog post front, but I’m sure you will forgive me when you hear what’s going on in my life at the moment!

Lots of you are already aware, but for those that aren’t, I am moving to the sunny island of Ibiza at the end of March! We love it out there so much that we may as well experience living there. It’s a good time for us to move with Henry heading into Year 7 of senior school (uurghhh… where has that time gone?), and with the fact that my children are growing bigger by what seems like the day, we need a bit more space. Life is 100 mph here in the UK, and I’m hoping I’ll be so engrossed in the chilled Ibiza vibe that my life will slow down a bit. I always say that life should be about experience, and so we are just going for it! If we don’t like it, we can come back.


My children start school at the International School which they love after having a trial day there – they run DJ lessons after school so Henry can’t wait to start them. It’s an English curriculum that they study, but what I love the most is that they only get spellings, times tables and reading for homework in the junior school! Gone are the days of those stressful rows about sitting down to do their masses of ridiculous amounts of homework, and even better, the stress of me (yeah me) not getting it and having to sit down and study the bloody topic myself!

I am having an outside kitchen built so that I can continue with cookery demonstrations, and I am hoping to branch out and collaborate with retreats so I can provide them with the food. I will continue to grow my brand in the UK with the help of my team, flying back regularly for events that I will be hosting. I then get to see my family and friends, and my husband can work from Ibiza and will just fly back regularly to the UK.

My biggest fear is learning Spanish. I was never one for languages at school, but the thought of living in a foreign country and not speaking their language just seems a bit naff to me. So, in my spare time (ppfftttt), I am going to be having regular Spanish lessons with my husband. I can already feel it’s going to get a bit competitive as to who is better! The children will be fluent before you know it (I hope), which is always an advantage as they get older, allowing them to’ broaden their horizons’ as my Mum used to say to me!

Oh and if your wondering, of course Margo is coming! The aeroplane will be too noisy for her so my husband is going to travel with her on the ferry.


So, on top of my stupidly hectic life, I now have moving to contend with. Moving to a different house in the same country is bad enough, but moving abroad is turning out to be very time-consuming! I also have all three of my kids’ and my husband’s birthdays coming up, and they all want a party as they didn’t have one last year! Guess who’s organising all that? 🙂

If you haven’t checked out my website yet, have a quick look. I’m thrilled with it as it’s full of yummy recipes, growing by the week. You can send anyone who wants a copy of my book to the site, where they can place an order.

It’s so cold outside, and the mornings are so dark (not too much longer for me though), that I just want to eat stodge! Of course being January we should be embracing the detox, with lighter food to try and help shift the pounds we put on over Christmas. I’m sharing this delicious Get Fruity Loaf with you, which is lovely toasted with a cup of tea. It’s made from buckwheat and is low in sugar, so you won;t ruin all the hard work you have been putting in to trim up a bit.

I was about to sign off with ‘goodbye’ in Spanish, but I’ve had a blank moment and forgotten what it is – see, that’s how crap I am! I think I’ll stick to what I know…

Laters Potatoes!

Love ‘got too much going on at the moment, get me to Ibiza’ Kate xx


Get Fruity Loaf

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